Sunday, December 9, 2012

Stuck in Velcro Beach...?

We are not really stuck. I replaced the water pump, and cleaned the Racor and changed the Serenity is ready to go. It seems that we are not. We had a great day on the beach yesterday. The weather is warm, and it seems to rain at night. great for sleeping. We have been on this mooring for three days, and today was the first day I had to crank up Little Red, the Honda 1000 generator to charge the batteries. The solar panels are doing a great job. When I checked yesterday they were putting out 10 amps.
Two nights ago there was a Christmas Boat Parade that went right past our boat. Last night we took the dink to a pub near our marina where there was live music. This morning when I came out of the boat there were dolphins everywhere. I watched one chase a fish around our mooring ball...see picture.
We will spend a few more days here and then head south. Shirl and I decided to take a little vacation from vacation...sweet!


  There were too many boats to post...probably about 20.
Another good decorating job

 Our view at the beach yesterday...

 Dolphin on port...

 See the fish right in front of the dolphin? He is no longer swimming around!

Racor...cleaned with a new filter...this unit removes impurities from the fuel.
New water pump on left...old one on right with the hub of the pulley missing. It turned out to be more difficult than I thought because the mount on the old water pump is custom made. That meant the pulley had to be removed from the new one to install the old mount. I was able to use a vise in the small workshop at the marina...or I could not have taken it apart...thanks Vero Beach Marina!

Shirl in the car going to the beach.
His and her Dory's...hey Rick, why didn't you think of this name for your Dory?..."Hunky Dory"

Fog in the morning...
A few destinations...
More boats...


  1. Ted,that is two really cute boats, some people think Fishin Carol would make a good name????
    Have really enjoyed the journey thanks for taking us along...Rick

  2. Rick,
    We have had a great time. It was nice this week to take a break from traveling, but we will head south soon.


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