Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Margaritaville state of mind……………

Ted and I sat on the bow of Serenity on December 21st and spoke of the wonderful adventures of this trip. We laughed about lessons learned and loved the awesome cruiser friends we had met. Ted always encouraged me to blog more but knew it was very difficult for me. Even though I journal every day I am private with thoughts close to my heart. With pleasure that evening he reminded me of the recent interview with David Anderson. David had also encouraged me to get more involved in writing for the blog. While this is only part of what Ted and I spoke of that evening, it is also the reason the blog has been very silent. I apologize and do know that Ted would want me to blog. So here I go…….

Rich red, bright gold are some of the colors we have seen with the beautiful skies and glistening water along our travels. The colors that often reminded us of our busy life’s back home. We knew that after all the beautiful colors faded plants and trees would hibernate or die as old man winter creeps in. Just one of the reasons we loved this journey. We were leaving old man winter behind. We seem to never focus on the beauty of each season and what it brought with it. Serenity had given us that pleasure. We traveled from Lake Erie and then down the ICW and enjoyed all it's beauty. Swirling leaves that fell from trees, we often imagined it the letting go process of the hustle and bustle of life back home. Cleaning up the sailboat at the end of a days travels reminded us of what was important. Ted always stated if we took care of Serenity, Serenity would take care of us. Each time we left her I always kissed her and Ted would smile and say that is why she treats us so well.

This year Thanksgiving was difficult for us. The last few years we had hosted dinner with children and grandchildren in attendance. This year we missed that very much. Thinking about Christmas around the corner often saddened us. While we would be alone for the holidays, we planned to go home in January.

Our day was wonderful just like every other day since we left on our adventure. We did boat chores, walked, spoke with cruiser friends, and had a delicious Mexican dinner I had prepared for us. We then watched a movie and spoke with children before turning in that evening. As we laid in the v-birth we spoke of how excited we were head to Fort Meyers the next morning. We would wait for a weather window and head to Key West. Ted smiled and stated New Years Eve we would dance on the bow of the boat and it would be a memorable night that we would never forget. Little did I know that this night would be our last night and one that I would never forget.

I am so very sad and do not have the words to explain how tomorrow is never promised. Although I experienced just that.  On December 22nd while in LaBelle, Florida, Ted suffered a heart attack and cardiac arrest stemming from undiagnosed sleep apnea.  While I called 911, I am so thankful for cruiser friends from Polar Pacer and Sanuk that assisted during this traumatic time. I do not know what I would have done with out them. While family and friends bowed in prayer to plead for a miracle on Christmas Day, Ted suffered an anoxic brain injury and passed on December 27th.  While my journey with Ted has ended for a short, Ted’s new journey began in his Margaritaville state of mind that he had spoke of in previous post. 

January 5, 2013 family and friends honored Ted by celebrating his life at The Covington Madison in Kentucky where his daughter Sara and Tommy were married and his son Justin and Libby had their wedding reception. If you knew Ted at all you would have known that he preferred this non-traditional way of honoring his life oppose to a funeral service. Details were posted at www.celebrationoflifefortedryder.blogspot.com

Ted’s obituary written by his son Justin may be viewed at http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/cincinnati/obituary.aspx?pid=162081784  
I spoke with David Anderson, for 'The Sailing Podcast'” recently and ensured him that Ted would want the recent interview released as planned . You can now find that interview at  www.thesailingpodcast.com/blamebuffett .

Ted previously stated Jimmy Buffett's music can take you out of the rat race...off of the hamster wheel...away from the nine to five grind, and place you on an island, under a palm tree in warm tropical breezes, with the smell of salt in the air.  I wish to think that for a brief moment that the songs we played will help me escape the ordinary life...leave it behind, and imagine what it would be like to continue life with Ted, my captain, my love just like a Jimmy Buffett song.

Ted and I sailed...sat under palm trees with our toes in the sand, smelled the salted air and listened to Jimmy Buffett’s song BoatDrinks. We relaxed, looked at the stars, and enjoyed our thoughts and down time. We wanted to be sun baked, salt encrusted, and have some fun. In short I want to think that Ted has an extended stay in Heaven’s Margaritaville and is waiting for me.

I guess what I am trying to say is I Blame Buffett for the fact that Ted is now singing his own song.

Sail on Ted, Sail on... Although I miss you , I will see you again some day.                                

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers,  

My next post will be what I read at the celebration for Ted.

 Ted and I in Panama City
(Picture taken by Ted's daughter Sara)
 Ted with son Justin and daughter Sara

 I can hear Ted saying this to me each time I read it.
(Thanks Dianne)


  1. What lovely words for a man that touched many lives; for I cannot whisper the words "Here's the deal" without having a tear fall down my cheek in memory of him. God Bless...

  2. That was wonderful Shirl :) Thank you!

  3. What a beautiful post! Shirl, our hearts go out to you at this difficult time. We are so sorry for your loss!

  4. Thinking about you, this is a wonderful blog!!

  5. It is wonderful that you were able to blog about Ted. I am so sorry to here about his passing. It sounds like the two of you had a tight bond that a lot of people never get to experience. We will pray that your pain from loss can be eased. I will have new thoughts when listening to Buffett. Cheers!
    Shawnae & Mark

  6. Sail on, Ted! I hope to continue your journey by following in your wake. Sail on, my brotha' of the sea!


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