Thursday, October 25, 2012

An eye on Sandy...

We have heard from a lot of people expressing concern about us being out here sailing with the possibility of hurricane Sandy tracking up the east coast. While there is always some risk doing what we are doing, we have been taking every precaution to remain as safe as possible, and this situation is no different. Our plan is to sail to Annapolis tomorrow and stay for a few days until we see what Sandy is going to do. We are currently far north in the Chesapeake Bay, which should be relatively safe. While we are in a hurry to get south, we would rather be safe. We really appreciate the concern and want everyone to know we will stay as safe as possible.
We did not travel yesterday. I spent time buying an outboard motor for the dink, which Shirl then decided to looks new! When I bought the dink it had been in storage for a couple of years, and had collected a lot of dirt. I also cleaned the salt off of Serenity yesterday. This a.m. we left the CDC canal, entered the Mohawk River which took us to the Chesapeake Bay. We are anchored tonight in Fairlee Creek...our first night on anchor. We will be doing a lot more anchoring. This is so nice! Serenity is riding on a 44 pound Bruce anchor, with an all chain rode. Tomorrow it is off to Annapolis. We have a few projects to do and are planning on chilling and eating great sea food. We will move south after we know what Sandy is going to do.
Thanks so much for following our adventure!

 Our car...Clean dink thanks to Shirl.

 Dink's new motor...the ropes are a harness so that I can lift it onto the sailboat rail...I do not want to drop it in the water!

 Boat on the bank...not been moved in a while.

 The Coast Guard, a little faster than us!
 We saw palm trees today...this far north!
Sundowner on Serenity! A lot of fun.
We will be in Annapolis tomorrow! Click the Spot Tracker to check our position.
Got to go on anchor watch!

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  1. Yes, better safe than sorry! Hopefully Sandy will stay far away from Serenity.

    Glad to hear you're enjoying anchoring ... sounds great!


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