Saturday, October 13, 2012

Good bye Erie Canal...hello Hudson River

We made it to Waterford, N.Y., today. We started at 7:30 this morning in a chilly 27 degrees. We only traveled 37 miles today, but we transited 9 locks.The last five were all within 2 miles and ended in Waterford. It was sunny but cold today...still a great day to be cruising the canal. Shirl and I really enjoyed our trip through the Erie Canal. It is a slow, quiet ride that deepens your appreciation of solitude and the history of a once thriving commercial method of shipping products, and the impact it had on growth and expansion in America. You are forced to slow down, which in itself is wonderful. Another aspect I enjoyed was seeing all the cities along the canal, and meeting some very nice people along the way. The railroad follows a big part of the canal...ironic because the railroad is what hurt the Erie Canal from a commercial standpoint. We traveled under 16 lift bridges that are raised to 15 feet so you can pass under. We transited 35 locks, and even in cold weather people are there to watch you lock through. Many canal were traveling the canal, and there were to many marinas to count. There were days when we had the canal to ourselves, especially in the remote areas. I would love to do this trip again...during the summer, although the fall colors were beautiful, and Serenity is warm enough.

Serenity cruising the canal.
You very seldom get pictures of your boat in action. These were sent to us from our new friend Bob who came to the dock early to see us off in Lyons.

Another picture that morning. I know it is not cool to leave the fenders out, but in the canal a lot of people do. You can see the fender board we used in the locks to protect the fenders as well as Serenity.

 This is a great shot. You can see what our cruise of the canal was like in the more remote areas.

 This was my view this a.m. I was very happy that my chartplotter let me know where the channel markers were. We had to get an early start to make it through all the locks today.

 First lock this a.m., lock 10. This was the last lock we went through by ourselves. In the next eight locks we had two other boats with us...all heading south.

A dam next to a lock. The walls can be raised or lowered to control depth and flooding. 

 This locking through stuff is not that hard!

 Part of the old canal...remains of an aqueduct. We did cross an aqueduct in Serenity. How often do you get to take your boat across an aqueduct? There were cars driving under us...that is a switch.

 Another dam.

 Interesting boat...old and solid!

Third boat in...squeeze to starboard.

This is an old lock in used for water overflow.

 Ted and Shirl by Lock # 2...we did it!

This picture is for my Mom. Shirl and I went to a German pub in Waterford tonight. (Angry Penguin)...don't ask I have no clue why it is named that. Up on the shelf behind the bar was this item. I knew what it was, but I asked the bartender. She told me it was an ice bucket from the 1950s. I corrected her and told her it was a hot dog warmer because when I was a child my mom would fill ours with hot dogs in buns when the family would go to the drive in. So Mom, who is right or the bartender? If this is an ice wonder the hot dogs got cold.


  1. Ted, the name of the item was a Penquin Server and we got it with S&H green stamps. That is what we used when we went to the drive in for the hot dogs. You are right they got cold. You were supposed to be able to use it for hot or cold. I have not seen one of them for a long time. Thank you for the picture. Please be careful, I love you both. Wish I would not have read the part about the engine not starting, that gave me pause to not want to think about. Take care, send me a good dream. Love Mom and Ken

  2. Mom,
    That explains why it is there...Angry Penquin. Thanks for the information.
    Don't happy! Love you.

  3. Sitting here with Connie having a beer. Looking at these cool pics. Connie saw the pics at Tyler's birthday party. You are now heading into an area of NY that I used to live in. That was 22 years ago. Stay warm my friends.

    JBZ& Glo and Connie Sutton

  4. hello. we are the store owners from Dunkirk, NY. You came in our little shop and told us of your adventure. We head to Mexico on the 31st. We will keep tracking your trip.Cool.

  5. Beautiful pictures ... love the two of Serenity cruising the canal!


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