Saturday, December 15, 2012

A politician thinks of the next election...a leader thinks of the next generation.

A short rant...
I saw this bumper sticker today and I thought it was worth putting out there. While this is not a political blog, it is obvious to me that our country has too many politicians and not enough leaders. We can fix that!
End of rant...

We left Velcro Beach this morning, and as soon as we got to the ICW there was a thick fog. Navigating in fog is not easy, however it is good practice. You have to trust your chart plotter and radar. We slowed down during the fog and after it lifted we continued to Stuart, Florida which is on the St. Lucie River. We are considering going through the Okeechobee Waterway to Ft. Meyers, and then sailing off shore to Key West. There is one bridge that may be a problem because it is 49 feet in height. Serenity's mast is 48 feet off the water, and the lights, instruments, and antenna on top the mast add another foot. The boat would have to be heeled (tilted), to allow passage under the bridge. We will find out tomorrow exactly how much clearance there is before we decide. The waterway is not tidal in the area of the bridge. The water level is controlled by locks. We will keep you posted on our decision. We are in the mooring field with a lot of other $16.00 a night.  There are so many people traveling by boat, and they are all so interesting to talk to. Tonight we attended a sun downer on a neighbors boat...thank you so much, it was fun.

We buddy boated today...that is we traveled with two other boats from Vero Beach to Stuart. (Sanuk and Polar Pacer) It was a little cooler today, in the low seventies. We have removed our enclosure and we are starting to protect ourselves from the sun. We are so happy to be where it is warm.

A very Happy Birthday to my daughter who has birthday this month.
A Happy Birthday to Patience, (Shirl's granddaughter) who is now six years old...also in December.

 Our view at the beginning of the day.
 The fog beginning to lift.
The fog has lifted...
This is a good idea...turn your boat into a money maker...boat signs!
Guarding the bridge!
Shirl and Tracie on the anchor
 Another boardwalk...
This sign gave me a laugh...
My kind of house...the back yard is a beach.
Did some one order a beach?
A picture for the off spring..."that's right...Little Killies"
Another Christmas boat...
A painting on a building in Stuart...interesting
 Another double bascule bridge
We plan to visit Key West, and would like to be there for  the New Years celebration if possible. We still want to sail around the Keys, visit Marathon Key, Ft. Lauderdale, and hopefully the Bahamas. We still have a lot of adventure ahead.


  1. You don't need to talk about "more adventure!!!" and you don't need to go all the way to the Bahamas. It is not much different than Florida, just come home, let's go to Cumberland. Okay??? Mom PS Love you

  2. Mom,
    Thanks for the comment and for following the blog...Love you too.


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