Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wax on...wax off

I am on Lake Erie to close on the sailboat. After going over her with the owner I spent a day and a half cleaning and waxing the hull so it would be done before we put her in the water. The people at Parker Marine supply water and electric for there customers so they can prepare their boats for launch. They had given me a quote to wax and buff the boat and I decided I could save money by doing the work myself, as well as get some good exercise.  The mast and rigging still need to be added which should happen tomorrow or Monday depending on the weather. The boat was not used last season and is very dirty from being in storage that long. I will clean and wax the deck after the boat is in the water.
I have not yet had time to miss work...officially I am on vacation until next week.

Spent a lot of time on a ladder to wax the sides. Serenity has been in this rack inside a storage building for 20 months.

This is a good picture of the full keel. Serenity is a very strong well built boat. You can see the bottom paint is in great shape and ready for salt water. Since she has been sailed on the great lakes, she has been stored indoors 6 months a year, contributing to her overall good condition. I think she is in great shape for being 21 years old. Just needs some TLC.

            You can see a very clear line as I waxed from stern to bow. The hull shines like new after a coat of wax and some buffing. I am sore and tired, but have had a great couple of days working on the boat.

Thanks to Eric, the owner until today, for all the valuable information and advice about the boat. He and his wife have taken great care of Serenity and made significant improvements over the years they have owned her. They now have a larger boat. I hope to see them on the coast or down south some time. Also thanks to Parker Marine for allowing me to use their facilities to prepare Serenity for launch .I will post more pictures as soon as possible. Until then....sail on.


  1. heart beats fast!! Anxiously waiting to get there!! ~Shirl

  2. Ted,
    I am very busy, but if you need a boat sitter (here and there) for Doc Holiday I would be glad to assist you.
    ie: air it out, clean the top deck, dust, etc. Maybe right before your return...
    Alan wanted me to tell you that on the teak, he uses a two part cleaner, sands, and then paints on Waterlox.
    It makes the teak shiney and beautiful.
    I am glad you are taking this big leap to fulfill your dream, and at the same time I worry for your safety.
    That being said, have fun, but be careful. Bring yourself and Shirl home to us!
    Love, Babe


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