Thursday, July 26, 2012

Life at the beach!

I was sitting on the beach yesterday watching the kids play and it occurred to me that we will soon be living in places that people choose to spend vacations. How nice is that? After decades of week long vacations, I am really looking forward to cruising. We are still planning to leave this fall...probably late September...there will be more of a firm date in a few weeks.  For now we are still in Florida and having a great time with family. It is so enjoyable to watch everyone relax and spend time together. The grandchildren are so much fun. If you have grandchildren, enjoy them...they are so full of life, discovering new things, learning everyday...personalities forming...such a blessing! Early next year we will add another. Libby is pregnant!

From the top...Jack, Tommy, Sara, Ava, Cash and Ella.

Ava, Libby and Justin.

Cash is walking! Cash is the youngest of the grandchildren. He will soon be one year old, and decided it was time to get moving! Click the video to watch. Count them ...nine steps!

Cash decided to go skinny dipping in the gulf.

Cash after a fall in the sand!


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