Friday, August 10, 2012

Shirl and I finally had time to sail Serenity for three days straight. We averaged about six hours of sailing per day.The weather here on Lake Erie was beautiful all three days, with enough wind to sail all day. The wind typically shifts in the late afternoon. We were able to practice all points of sail except a downwind run.  We practiced putting up sails, tacking, reefing, and maintaining course. We did get Serenity up to 7.2 knots….sweet. Because Serenity has a full keel I am told she will not be as fast as the lighter boats with the fin keels. My question is at seven knots are you really in a hurry? I decided before I began to search for a sailboat that it was more important for me to get somewhere than to get somewhere fast.  With the amount of sail that Serenity carries she seems to do pretty well, but to be honest I have very little to compare her too. My only sailing experience before this was on a Catalina 30,(sailing lessons), and Hobie Cats. Shirl and I seem to be very comfortable with the size of Serenity, and the available space. We are beginning to get comfortable working as a team to sail her. This morning it is raining so I am in the cabin writing this blog post which I can not publish because we don't have  Internet service at this marina…2012 and no WiFi? WTH?

 This building/lighthouse is at the entrance to the harbor, and is the red channel marker as well.

 Cruising along on Serenity... a beautiful day on Lake Erie.

 Another shot.

 For some reason Shirl is fascinated with the sails. We have a lot of these pictures.

 Sticks in the sunset.

 This is an interesting boat we walked by at our marina. Anyone know what make it is?

 We walked past these two birds sitting together on a lifeline. They were so involved with each other they let me put the camera in their face and take a picture at night with a flash. Cute...

Shirl at sunset. Lake Erie seems to have a lot of great sunsets.You can see a sailboat in the background just under the sun.  Great picture!


  1. Ted I absolutely live all of your pictures! I can see why you love being on Lake Erie it looks beautiful! Practice makes perfect. You can never be to safe especially when it comes to being on the water. You of all people know that. Stay safe have a blast and keep posting pictures. Love it!
    Missy Ryder

  2. Thanks Missy...more sailing next week!

  3. Hi! Hopped over to your blog from dontwasteyourcancer, and had to say what beautiful sailing photos! We live in KY and have thought of going north instead of south on vacation, but have no idea where to land up there! Maybe someday,


  4. We are so envious of the two of you! We are loving the blog so be sure to spill all the amazing details along the way. (best beaches, sunsets, bars, etc) The Carribean is our love, besides our kids! We will be living vicariously through you so make it worth it!

    Carsyn and I had to get AFO's last week. The office isn't the same without you. We had to go to Faifield to see Steven. We told him he has a lot of hard work to do, to be anywhere as good as you! The kids and parents miss you!

    Jody and I wil be glad to check on the boat, in Somerset, if you need us to. Let us know, we'd be happy to help.

    Congrats on such an amazing journey!
    Jody, Celena, Cade, Cohen, & Carsyn Hughes
    Somerset, KY


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