Friday, October 26, 2012


We are docked in a marina in Annapolis for several days until Sandy goes away. We could have made more progress south, but that would have put us closer to the storm. We decided to stay in Annapolis. If the forecast has not changed by tomorrow we will prepare Serenity as best as we can for Sandy. They are projecting 40 mph winds, and several inches of rain.Our plan is to relax, get the boat prepared in case, and get a few projects well as a few blog posts.

 Deadliest Catch...Chesapeake Bay style.

 Another one of Shirl's bridge shots. This bridge crosses the Bay.

 As we arrived in Annapolis we saw this race going on.

 We went through this draw bridge to get to the marina.

 Sailing with the Genny only.

Some of the crab pot markers are hard to see...such as this black float. You watch carefully because running over one of these may mean diving under the boat to clear it. The water is cold!


  1. Pls. be safe if Sandy collides it will be the prefect storm all over again.

  2. Btw this is George

  3. George,
    We will do our best. I am spending today getting the boat secure and ready for the storm. The impact here will depend on where Sandy decides to hit the coast. Thanks for following.

  4. So this storm can't make up its mind. This morning i read it was back to hurricane strength - still hoping it dies out for you and all those people living in its path.

  5. Amanda,
    We hope so too. And by the way...let me know of any pictures you want and I can email them. I think that blogger may reduce their size which reduces quality.


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