Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandy prep update...

One of the web sites we use for monitoring weather is www.wunderground. The illustration above is their latest prediction of the route Sandy will take. The storm should hit the east coast north of us. Since we are in the upper Chesapeake Bay we have the probability of high winds and a storm surge. We have prepared for this. Again it will depend on where the other storm from the north meets Sandy to change her direction to northwest.
illustrations borrowed from this site

As you can see they are predicting a three foot storm surge for the are we are in. The floating dock we are on has the ability to raise six additional feet at high tide, so we expect to be fine with the surge. We are being told that there is the possibility of a power failure because of the high winds. If we can not post we will continue to update our spot tracker. It will let everyone know we are ok even though our position will not change. I would think we would still have cell coverage. We plan to stay here through Wednesday. We did get groceries yesterday and we have books to read and movies to watch.(thanks Rachel) I will try to keep everyone updated as much as possible. Today I need to figure out what to do with the dink. I do not like it hanging on the davits with the possibility of so much wind.

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