Friday, June 15, 2012

Home Work

Since Serenity has been sitting in storage for almost two years, a lot of dirt and dust made it's way to the inside of the boat. I brought some projects home that I thought would be easier to do there, and it would give us the opportunity to accomplish something while we could not be on the boat. The previous owners had purchased some really nice carpets from Island Packet, and after a good cleaning they looked like new. The carpet is nice to have in the cabin. Below you can see Shirley cleaning the blinds that cover the ports...much needed if you are in a marina. The blinds look fantastic. I received some Skipper Bob cruising guides this week. The first one of course is "Cruising Lake Erie". Hopefully it will be very informative and make our sail to Buffalo, New York easier. It looks like we need to leave on our cruise around the end of September. There is much to do to make this a reality...but nothing more important than more sailing experience.

                                                    A little blind cleaning going on.


Sunset on Lake breeze and a cold beer.

                           asked about the color of the spinnaker she is! 

Believe it or not I am having a little trouble adjusting to not working. It seems I may be programmed to work...more on this later. Boat project weekend coming up.
Sail on!

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  1. Good job Shirley. A do-it-your-own blind cleaning is just like a simple habit that you can do every day. I like it.


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