Monday, June 25, 2012

A work in progress...

I will be heading to Lake Erie to work on the boat this week. I need to strip the teak and refinish it. There is some clean up work to do as well from the last time the teak was done. After that the deck needs to be waxed and buffed. I will post pictures of my progress. The weather is supposed to be good this week, so I may get to work a lot. We are beginning to take care of things that need to be done before we leave. There is a lot to consider...leaving for six months seems to complicate things. I am still trying to adjust to not working. It is much easier if I stay busy, and I have had no trouble doing that. 

This is the entrance to the marina where we have the sailboat. We will be leaving here in late September to begin our adventure as we sail east and then south.

A new addition to the boat...a small propane grill. 

      Some people have asked about what the boat looks like on the inside. This is the V berth. It is not as comfortable as we would like. We plan on getting some memory foam to soften it up a little.

 Shirl cleaning and organizing the galley. 

The nav station. Notice the outdated radar...the previous owner said that it is still functional. I will take some more pictures of the inside of the boat this week.

The lighthouse.

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