Thursday, December 6, 2012

Vero Beach

We made it to Vero Beach. Unfortunately the last nine miles was with the help of Tow Boat U.S. We are on a mooring at the Vero Beach City Marina, and plan to stay for four of five days. Yesterday we were cruising along and I noticed a change in the sound of the got louder. I immediately shut the engine down, coasted out of the channel and Shirl dropped the anchor so we would stay put while I looked at the engine. The water pump had stopped working. This is usually because of a clog. or a broken impeller, which would have been easy for me to fix. Looking at the engine I could see the pulley on the water pump had broken. the hub of the pulley was gone so it was not turning the water pump. I do not have a spare pulley, so we called Tow Boat U.S. They arrived in a hour and towed us to Vero Beach. Did I mention that I hate being towed! There was not enough wind to sail. I ordered a new water pump...over $400. I will pick it up tomorrow and install it. A neighbor of ours did some research and found out that I can purchase the same water pump, with a different mounting is for a different Yanmar engine, for 1/2 the price. All I would have to do is switch the mounting bracket. Maybe a good possibility for a replacement or a spare at least. I think I would like to have a spare water pump just in case. worries, I will fix Serenity's engine tomorrow.

Today we went in the city of Vero Beach and did some shopping. We needed a backpack to carry things in and a waterproof bag for the computers. The backpack will make it easier to step in and out of the dink by keeping our hands free. I also bought a harness to put on the dink engine to make it easier to lift. If you have not noticed, it seems to me that West Marine is very expensive compared to other suppliers. This afternoon we went to a "Cruiser's Happy Hour." Everyone brought drinks and a dish to share. Shirl took peanut butter fudge. A few cruisers brought guitars, a banjo, a mandolin, and did a great job of playing music. A lot of the cruisers have been living aboard for years and they have a wealth of information about boats, destinations, marinas, and all things nautical. It is great to hear about all of their adventures. There were a few water pump stories tonight. It seems there are other cruisers who have had water pump issues. We had a great time.

 Still seeing houseboats...this one is anchored in shallow water in the Indian River.

 Nice calm water at an inlet.
 We had company swimming right next to Serenity.
 Being towed...did I mention what a great deal towing insurance is? If you are traveling on the ICW, you really should have it.
 Shirl helping out on an old gospel song.
 The dinghy dock during happy hour...double parking!
Cruiser's Happy Hour


  1. Glad all is well! I am shocked my mom didn't have a backpack though...she always has one. Love ya

  2. Rach,
    Your mom has back packs, bags, purses, but nothing I would wear on my back if you know what I mean. Tell David and the kiddos hello.

  3. If you have or plan to install a wash down pump, see about running a leg to the pressure side of your impeller pump. Just T it in to the output hose and install a shut off valve. The next time the impeller fails you simply open the valve and turn on the wash down pump. It will save your boat in a tight jam.


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