Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"Ah! A heading. Set sail in a...uh...a general...that way! direction."-Captain Jack Sparrow

Where will we go next? Just south...no real plans. We want to visit friends in the Ft. Lauderdale area. We will then either head for the Bahamas or the Marathon Key, and on to Key West.  Shirl and I are going to decide when to take a trip home to see family, probably some time in January. We will need to find a place to dock Serenity while we are gone, and get airline tickets. We both miss our families.

Vero Beach has been great. I see why so many cruisers just stay here. Northern Lights will arrive here today. We traveled part of the Erie Canal, and the Delaware and Chesapeake Bays with them. It will be nice to visit with them before we leave. We have met some very nice people here in Vero Beach...even some cruisers from Kentucky...Louisville by the way. One thing I can say for sure about this life style is that there are many great people doing it. Everyone is quick to offer help and advice to newbies. Many have been doing this for years, and have a lot of knowledge. We have learned a lot!

 Lunch with the crew from Sanuk and Polar Pacer at Waldo's on the beach...with bucket drinks.

 I love this sign.

This picture is for Tim Wilson, a comedian who makes fun of all things Buffett. I don't see anyone wearing Tim Wilson T shirts....just sayin.

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