Monday, December 3, 2012


We again left at first light and stopped this afternoon in Titusville. We are on a mooring ball...quite reasonable at $15.90 for the night, with access to showers and restrooms. Tomorrow we will travel to Melborne, and hopefully rent a slip in the marina so we will have access to electricity to charge the house batteries, and WiFi so that I can complete a few things I need to get done. We are in the Indian River which is a big open area of water, but very shallow. The ICW channel is well marked and easy to follow. Although there is some shoaling, for the most part the depth is consistent.
We have been asked, how does it work with no electricity? We do have electricity, (30 amp service), when we are at a dock...plugged in to the grid. Also while we are plugged in our battery charger, as well as our solar panels, charge our service bank of batteries. Serenity has a starter battery, which starts the engine, and a service bank of batteries that run the refrigeration, lights, instruments, radio, stereo, water pump, windless, thruster, and bilge pumps. When we are away from a marina...not plugged in we rely on our service bank of batteries, 12 volt, which are charged by our solar panels, the alternator when the engine is running, or Little Red...the Honda 1000.  Right now after five days of not being plugged in our batteries are at 87%. We will be motoring tomorrow which will recharge them. Our largest draw on our batteries is our refrigeration. Our lights are all LED, which use very little electricity. We are careful with our usage, we monitor it closely, and have not been without power yet. So don't worry...while we can not use electric hair dryers when away from a marina, (a source of irritation for Shirl), the air here in Florida will dry your hair fast enough.
The ride today was great...very little current, and light winds. It was very relaxing.  We have traveled a long way...and have loved every minute of it.

By the way today was my third day in flip flops, without a coat.

 Sunrise sky in the morning
 I love these roof top decks...
 If Fishin Rick was a sailor...this would be his boat.
 Home made houseboat...
 The sun sets behind Serenity
 Putting the dink away after a ride into the marina...


  1. melborne is nice this time of year thats where my dad and brother live. if you get a time try a bar called squid lips its at the end of the melborn causway. have fun your frind norm

    1. Norm,
      We checked and Squid Lips is 4.7 miles. We decided not to walk that far, but it sounds like a fun place.

  2. Now I see what the dink boat is!

    1. Amanda,
      The dink is our car...notice it has no roof!

  3. Ted, I think I would be a Pirate that doesn't look like a Pirate's Ship. Anyway it doesn't even have rod holders on it.... Fishin Rick

    1. Rick,
      It's a pirates life for you is it? Come to think of it I have not seen any rod holders on the Black Pearl.


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