Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Getting ready....

Sometimes to get a great picture all you have to do is look up.

Everything is fine here at Blame Buffett. We still plan to leave the third week in September. We are working hard to make that happen. 
Accomplished this week:
EPIRP registered.
AIS installed
New radar installed
Waterway guides arrived
Garmin G2 Vision card for the East Coast arrived
I am still waiting on the USCG documentation on Serenity to go through. I called the Department of Homeland Security and was told that there have been so many cutbacks that they are way behind on documentation.  It has been nine weeks! Hopefully it will happen soon.
We are waiting on the first aid kit and ditch bag, as well as the LED rechargeable spot light that was ordered.
I also ordered a Wave Wifi RoguePro, so hopefully we will be able to to be online from the boat. I will post about this unit when it is installed, to let you know how it works.


  1. Great pic. I see you are using some of the techniques I have taught you.

  2. Sara,
    This was a lucky shot...just happened to have the old point and shoot with me when I looked up!


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