Sunday, September 16, 2012

Visitors on Serenity...

We had surprise guests tonight. Eric and Carol, the former owners of Serenity stopped by and brought us a bottle of champagne for a Bon Voyage present. We had a great visit, and they answered many questions about our boat. They had owned Serenity since 2004, and had upgraded systems, as well as taken great care of her. They have a different boat now but you can tell they miss Serenity. I am sure it is hard to part with a boat when there were so many happy days spent aboard, and so many wonderful memories. It was good to see them...they are just back from a cruise to Maine for a few months on their new boat. I hope to meet up with them during our travels. Thanks for the visit, and for the be opened when Serenity enters salt water. (New York...third week in October)
We will leave in a week or less depending on weather. It is hard to believe that the time to cast off is finally here. Our plan is to do some last minute projects on the boat, and go shopping for groceries for the first part of our trip. We will then go home for a few days and finalize everything there, and return to Lorain to begin our adventure. I purchased a Spot Tracker and will get it functioning before we leave, so that family, friends, as well as blog followers can see our position, and hopefully monitor our progress.

Someone sent me this on Facebook. It is so true...


  1. How nice to be able to visit with Serenity's prior owners. At least they can relax, knowing that Serenity will be well taken care of and continue to bring many more adventures!

  2. We are so envious of the two of you! We are loving the blog, so be sure to spill all the amazing details along the way. (best beaches, sunsets, bars, etc) The Carribean is our first love, after our kids! We will be living vicariously through you, so make it worth it!

    Carsyn and I had to get AFO's last week. The office isn't the same without you. We had to go to Faifield to see Steven. We told him he has a lot of hard work to do, to be anywhere ,as good as you! The kids and parents miss you!

    Jody and I wil be glad to check on the boat, in Somerset, if you need us to. Let us know, we'd be happy to help. We are on the lake every weekend with our kids.

    Congrats on such an amazing journeyahead of you and the guts to do it!
    Jody, Celena, Cade, Cohen, & Carsyn Hughes
    Somerset, KY

    1. Mid-Life Cruising,
      It was good to see them. They had a real attachment to Serenity, and as you stated they seem happy we have her. They also decided to sell me their dinghy. Now we have a cruiser "car"...minus a motor. One step at a time!

  3. Sounds like fun. If I had been aboard, the bubbly would be gone.

  4. Celena,
    Thanks for following the blog. It has been a crazy three months trying to make this happen. We will leave sometime in the next week. They are predicting temps in the mid forties at night here on Lake Erie later this week...time to go. Steve will take good care of Carsyn. He is a gifted practitioner. Tell Jody and the kids I said hello. I miss all the children I had the privilege to provide orthotic management well as their parents. If I can ever help with any orthotic advice, please contact me. Take care and see you all soon.


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