Thursday, September 20, 2012

We have radar!

I received a call from Mark today who told me that the radar was functional and we were good to go. The problem was a bad coupler / connection. If you are in the area and need work done on your boat...from systems to fiberglass, I would recommend Parker Marine. I appreciate the fact that Mark spent some extra hours trouble shooting which resulted in a solution. Parker Marine has worked on Serenity in the past and are more familiar with the boat than I am. Thanks again Mark and Dick for the good work. If you are interested check out the Parker Marine web site. they have some cool projects pictured there.

Mark working on the radar.

We are going to Lorain tomorrow. If nothing changes it looks like the weather as well as the wind will be fine for a Sunday departure. We have a lot to do before then. We are very happy that the time to cruise has finally arrived.  Thanks to everyone who is checking out the blog. It has been technical and a lot of work...We should be able to add some more fun now.

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  1. Great News about the radar. I assume that also fixed the wind instrument display below as well.

    You are soooo right about Parker Marine. I've never met anyone quite like Mark and Dick in the marine trades anywhere else.


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