Thursday, September 20, 2012

Good news ...bad news

The good news is that the radar unit is working. The bad news is that it will not show up on the chart plotter. So for now it is working but I can not see it. Mark from Parker Marine worked yesterday trying to figure this out, and will return today to update the software in case that is the issue. If the software is not the issue then the chart plotter will have to be sent to Garmin. The system is networked and the chart plotter displays the AIS, but will not display the radar...frustrating. Any ideas? Hopefully the software update will work. If not we will have to come up with a plan B. The weather so far looks good for beginning to cruise Sunday or Monday. We are home now wrapping up things here and will head back to Lake Erie Friday or Saturday. We need some good karma for the chart plotter. If anyone can figure it out it would be Mark. I will keep you posted.

Lorain has been a great place to spend time...sail and work on the boat. I have met some nice people and we were able to get some sailing experience.

The marina has a great place to walk that ends up on a pier that serves as part of the break wall.  Shirl loves this part of the marina. As you can see she walks and takes pictures. The boats are very protected from weather  here, something that is necessary on Lake Erie.

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