Saturday, September 29, 2012

On to New York

Even though the forecast was for NE winds we decided to sail to Dunkirk today. We motor sailed most of the way. That is we sailed with our motor, (nicknamed little big man or LBM) running. We were able to just sail for the last ten miles. We both much prefer sailing. The good news is that LBM ran great, and although overcast, it was not terribly cold today. Lake Erie was calm with two to three foot waves, and light winds. The forecast for tomorrow is for light winds, east shifting to north, and an eighty percent chance of rain all day.We hear a lot of thunder right now. I will check the forecast early in the a.m. If there are no changes we may spend the day here in Dunkirk. With winter moving in we are anxious to begin heading south. Although it will be a lot of motoring,and a lot of miles east instead of south,  I am looking forward to the Erie Canal. I remember learning about the Erie Canal in junior high school. I have always been fascinated by boats, barges, and all things nautical. We will keep you posted about our progress.

Below is a map of our route so far. We decided to only sail during the day on Lake Erie. The blue stars represent where we stopped each leg of the trip. We started in Lorain last Monday and we are now in Dunkirk...almost to Buffalo, where we will begin our cruise through the Erie Canal next week.

 A calm Lake Erie...unfortunately small waves and light winds go together.

 Cruising at five knots in eight and on half knots of wind. Not bad...

 Arriving at Dunkirk...rock formations at the waters edge.

 The light house at Dunkirk.

One for Rodger and Eileen....another Blue Moon. (Rodger and Eileen have a houseboat named Blue Moon)

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  1. 1st week down!!! So glad you are enjoying your trip. Thanks for the map it's fun to see where you have been and where you are heading. Cheers for beautiful weather this week.


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