Saturday, September 22, 2012


 We are back in Lorain. Rodger and Eileen traveled with us to Lake Erie and drove my truck back home late last night. We are so thankful for good friends. Thanks again Rodger and Eileen. They did not get to see much of Lake Erie. It was raining and cold, but they did get to visit Serenity, and see what she is like. Today was a project day as we get Serenity ready to sail. The weather here today was terrible as it has been for several days. There were a couple of hours today when the sun was out and there was a very stiff breeze. I did see a sailboat go out for a short sail. Shirl is still organizing. She has been at it all day and I must say the boat looks great. While she organized I added a board to attach the Honda generator and a gas container to while underway. The generator will come in handy for those cloudy days when the solar panels are not effective. 

I used a cedar board and attached it with stainless hardware. you can see the propane locker at the bottom of the picture. I did not get to treat the board because of all the rain. I will do that later. A rare moment with sun today.

 While I was installing our WiFi booster, (Rogue Wave), Shirl found some water behind the settee on the port side. I am not a very experienced sailor but from all my powerboat and houseboat experience I do know that we want to keep the water on the outside of the boat. I looked behind the settee and found a small crack in the hose that is at the bottom of the propane locker. This hose provides a drain for the water that enters the has been raining for days, as well as vents the propane overboard in the event of a leak in the tanks or a hose in the locker. Propane is heavier than air and will exit through the hose and overboard. Since I could not go buy a replacement hose...I have no transportation...I did the next best thing.
Yes, you guessed it...a temporary fix with duct tape. We will replace the hose as soon as possible, and in the mean time turn off the propane at the tank after every use. I do have duct tape and WD 40 on board.

No leaks!

A shot for the guys... While running wires for the WiFi booster...a glimpse behind the nav station.

 The weather today...a good day to be at the dock.

Ted, Eileen, and Rodger at Lake Erie. Shirl took the picture. 

We will finish the rest of our projects tomorrow and be ready to sail Monday. The weather is uncertain for tomorrow, and there are couple of projects left to do. We are ready to go...after tomorrow Serenity will be ready also. It is hard to believe we have put all this together in a little over three months. It is in the mid to low 40's here tonight...time to go. Thanks to everyone who is following the blog. We hope you enjoy our adventure. We are very grateful for this opportunity, and especially to be sharing it with each other.
Sail on...


  1. Safe travels my friends.


  2. So glad we were able to visit the lake and see you home for the next few months. Serenity is a beautiful sailboat! You two have done such a great job getting ready to sail. We look forward to following you on this amazing adventure. Be safe, blog often!


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