Monday, November 5, 2012

A quick post...

I think we have the engine problem identified and the parts will be here tomorrow to fix it. It appears Serenity needs a new water pump. The existing pump is leaking and making a funny noise. One thing you do not want to be sloshing around in your engine compartment is salt water. The raw water pump is leaking around the pully shaft. It is still working, but the problem needs to be addressed. So tomorrow we will stay here and get the engine taken care of. I am so glad Serenity has a simple little engine.
We dodged a lot of crab pots sailing down the Chesapeake. A waitress who is a crab expert, brought these live crabs out to show us why they are called blue crab. They are red after they are cooked.

The other issue is the nor'easter that will be blowing through Wednesday. Then it will be time to head south again. Shirl connected with a friend from high school last night. Nice to meet you Julie and Ken.

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