Thursday, November 8, 2012

I think I've got (boat) cabin fever....

My freezer is not big enough to shoot six holes in...but I think I had a slight case of "boat cabin fever".  The nor'easter that brought the high winds, rain, and cold temps had us feeling a little locked in. It is not that spending time in the boat is bad...we have books to read, movies to watch, and charts to study. It is the feeling that we need to be moving south and are being delayed by weather. But...such is sailing and cruising. You basically have to accept the fact that you are on mother natures schedule. It is much safer that way.
The wind did produce some excitement when another boat tried to dock next to Serenity and hit the dink a couple of times. No damage...but then he hit the boat across from me and almost ripped his dink off of the davits. He finally was able to dock safely, and did apologize to everyone. I felt bad for him. It is sometimes difficult to dock a sailboat in tight quarters in high winds. Been there - done that, a lot at this point. It is never easy. This episode did get me outside in the cold wind!
We left in spite of the wind this morning and arrived in Norfolk, (mile 0 ICW) about two hours later. We then went through three bascule bridges, as well as a lock, before stopping at Great Bridge in Chesapeake, Virginia.
It is so nice to be heading south again. We were so ready to get moving. The weather is supposed to be good for the next three days. We plan to log as many miles as possible. We cruised past the naval ship yards in Norfolk today and saw some ships being built and some being repaired. The area is constantly being patrolled by the Navy, the Coast Guard, helicopters, and I even saw what I think was a drone. Seeing these great ships from the water was awesome. I posted a lot of pictures of the ships in case you are interested.

Early morning shot..

 The marina where we waited out the nor'easter.

 In flight!

 Under construction

 If you left click this picture you can see what looks like a drone in the sky.


 Does this barge look overloaded to you?

 Not sure what these are but they look interesting.

 Big guns

 When we were cruising near this ship a Coast Guard boat got between us and stayed until we were past it.


 New aircraft carrier under construction. I wonder if this is one of the nuclear ships being constructed?

Another bridge shot from Shirl.

 The River House....on the ICW.  My son, his wife, and daughter lived here. It is a special place! I knew I would cruise by it sometime on my way south. 

Where we are docked tonight there is a monument to the first Revolutionary War battle fought in Virginia. We are on historic ground...actually in water right next to historic ground. It also states that it was America's first victory.

Those are our shadows...see how skinny we are getting?


  1. Nice pictures! It was good to talk to you both yesterday..miss you and love you both!

  2. Rachel,
    Good talking to you as well. We love you too.

  3. How cool to be able to cruise by the "river house" in your own sailboat!


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