Sunday, November 18, 2012

Skinny water and rocks...

Today it was raining and very windy with cool temperatures. We decided not to travel today. Shirl took a courtesy car and went grocery shopping, and I paid bills…yes there are still bills. It was a restful day. I am hoping the wind is not blowing 25mph tomorrow morning so we can get out of the marina. High winds and a swift current is not a good combination leaving a slip at the dock. Tomorrow we cruise through the “Rock Pile” which runs from ICW mile 347 to about ICW mile 366 in South Carolina. The Army Corps of Engineers had to make the canal a lot narrower in this area because of the difficulty of digging and blasting through the limestone...Cretaceous Limestone to be exact. (Google that!) The project from Cape Fear River to Winyah Bay took about two years, and was actually completed under budget. The good old days! I have read that the sides of the canal in the Rock Pile are somewhat dangerous and you need to stay in the middle of the channel. Hopefully we will not meet any huge boats coming the other way. It sounds like fun tomorrow morning, but then again everyday is!

Shirl and I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who is following along on this journey. We really appreciate all of you taking the time to check out the Blame Buffett Blog. It amazes us how many others are interested in a trip like this. It is really nice that we can share it with so many. Believe me, we know how blessed we are to get to do this, and having others reading and following makes it even better. We will keep traveling and posting if you keep reading! Again thank you!
Shirl's project today... a picture board on Serenity. It feels just like home.

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  1. Checking in. Going to bed early tonight. Long weekend, great party, but missed you all. Sure you don't want to follow your compass (heart) home this week and have some turkey?


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