Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Images of Beaufort

Beaufort, North Carolina is a beautiful place. We walked around today and visited some of the shops. there are a lot of older houses from the 1800s that have been restored and are on display. The stores on the waterfront are small and seem to be individually owned small businesses instead of the chain stores you see in many places. We had lunch on the waterfront, did some grocery shopping as well as the laundry. Fortunately there is a laundromat across the street from us. We are ready to travel again. It was good to rest today, but the weather turned this afternoon. We now have overcast, cold, and windy conditions. Hopefully tomorrow will be better...we did have one great day yesterday.
One of our blog followers asked us a great question. He wanted to know how much of the time we are able to sail versus motoring. We would much rather sail all the time! We calculated that so far on this trip we have sailed about 50% of the time. We were able to sail on Lake Erie, motored through the Erie Canal and down the Hudson, and sailed out of New York Harbor and off the coast of New Jersey to Cape May. We sailed and motor sailed up the Delaware Bay, motored through the CDC Canal, and sailed all but one day down the Chesapeake Bay. Since we have entered the ICW we are mostly motoring...however we have motor sailed on some on the larger bodies of water. For those who may not know, motor sailing is using the sails and the motor at the same time. There are times when the wind is not strong enough, or not coming from a good direction to produce enough speed, but it helps a little to have the sails up, or at least one of them up. Sometimes having the main sail up helps balance the boat while motoring in rough water. I suspect we will be motoring a lot for the next several weeks, unless we get a good weather window and go off shore for a while. When we get to  Florida, hopefully we will be sailing most of the time. Thanks for the question and thanks for following our blog.
The Waterfront
 The Burying Ground in Beaufort. This is a large cemetery from from the 1700's and 1800's. there are a lot of soldiers from the Revolutionary War as well as the Civil war buried here. It is an interesting place. The trees and all the grave stones almost give it an eerie feel.

 This only happens in a boating town. Throw your outboard motor on the top of your station wagon and go.
 More of the shops in Beaufort
 Marina Flags
 Crab pizza for lunch. This was the first time we have tried this. It was good!
Beautiful sailboat
1800's era house in Beaufort
Serenity resting at the dock

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