Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Five things we miss while cruising...

Shirl and I were talking and we decided to do a combined post on what we miss most while cruising. In so many ways this is different than being at home.  


1.      Family: meaning my children, grandchildren and close friends. It is hard because I am living and traveling on a sailboat and there are upcoming events I will miss. These include holidays, birthdays (my twins turned 31 today) and get togethers with friends and family. The last time I missed a birthday my granddaughter asked why I left her birthday present on the porch and didn't come in for the party. She hadn't noticed that the mailman delivered it, so she thought I had just dropped it off. This brought tears to my eyes.  Please know I miss and love you all.

2.      Bathroom Essentials: such as automatic flush toilet, that is a head on a boat, and my bathtub. These are things some just won't understand. There is nothing like a bath. It is luxury personified. I only can shower, either on the boat or as a guest in marinas which can be a little scary. Today I was at a marina shower and was blow drying my hair and a man walked out of the shower next to the one I just came out of. He politely excused himself saying "oops!"
      But now that I think about it, once we get into warmer weather I can actually jump into the warm, clear water and bathe right in there with biodegradable soap. I suppose this means the Caribbean Ocean will be my bathtub. You can't read a book in there, though...also, shaving my legs will be hard, not to mention dangerous, as I tread water...well, I guess we'll have to work out those details later when we get there. Automatic toilet flush - Wow! Appreciate your automatic flush. When I flush the head in the boat I can break into a sweat by pumping that handle on the marine toilet. It is not really that bad but it does take extra time and patience.  

3.      Galley essentials: such as ice and organic spinach. I mean we have ice, however, it takes a while to freeze. The tiny freezer only holds vertical ice cube trays. When I need ice I must run water on the trays till the ice breaks loose and then use my galley hammer to break it away from the insert. Like the good old days...It is a process in itself so we ration the ice while waiting for the next trays to freeze. My plan is to befriend another cruiser that may have an ice maker. Who knows I could trade some home made peanut butter fudge for a bag of ice. Why don't all grocery stores sell organic spinach, (my favorite)? Almost every store where we have purchased provisions doesn't carry it. Today I found some and I find myself hoarding it. I gave Ted two spinach leafs on his sandwich at lunch and I ate a spinach sandwich.

4.      “Girly things" such as high heels and a variety of clothing. People that know me realize that I like clothes and commonly change outfits several times a day depending on what is going on. I happen to love the way wearing heels makes me feel. While sailing Ted makes sure all my shoes have soles that give me traction. This is good so I don't slip but, sure makes me feel less femenine. I wear the same few clothes over and over. One day I wore a pair of pants inside out just so I had more variety. Ted asked me if I realized my pants were inside out and I replied that variety is good for me. He just laughed.  We do not have a lot of closet space on Serenity!

5.      Well the last thing I miss, and I hate to admit it, but of miss “work”.  I had a great manager as well as co-workers and got to meet new people every day. For me work provides a sense of accomplishment, especially when I was able to bring in a new account I had worked so hard to secure. How I am dealing with this? I have spent that last few days gathering items and creating projects for myself that will hopefully allow me to make some things we need for Serenity, or help other cruisers out. It is just my way of doing my part. We are meeting other cruisers that we share stories with and are building friendships. 


1.      Family...The most difficult part of a trip like this is missing family. I love spending time with my  children, (adults now), their spouses, and grandchildren. Shirl and I are both planning to fly home to visit at some point, but have not decided when as of yet. Obviously taking a trip like this means that you will miss some of the events and get togethers that you would attend if you were at home, and this becomes even more sad over the holidays. Everything in life is a compromise, sometimes the compromises are just plain hard to deal with. Family, I miss you all and love you. I look forward to many more years of get togethers, and when I am old maybe living with one of you. You don't have to decide now...that is years away. I do not want you fighting over me.

2.      Friends... I am fortunate to have good friends. I miss getting together, laughing, having a few adult beverages, and spending time just enjoying hanging out. We have met some very nice people on this trip, and have enjoyed that immensely, but I still miss my friends. 

3.      Patients and other professionals involved in patient care... I really miss the daily challenge that my career as an licensed orthotist provided, and especially the patients and their families who are some of the most inspiring people I have ever met. Other professionals I attended clinics with and consulted with about our patients, provided a daily learning experience, and a productive and enjoyable work environment. The company I left was not the company I started working for so many years ago. They became less patient oriented, and much less concerned about professional licensure standards. Enough while I miss working, patient care , and co-workers, I am glad that my non-compete is getting closer to being over everyday. In the future I hope to work with some of the people I have worked with before, but would not ever return to the company I left.  

4.      Transportation...I miss my Toyota Tacoma. Although I walk everywhere now which is a healthier way to travel, I miss the convenience of having the ability to just go where ever I need to. We have the dink, but I have not seen many grocery stores right on the water. You have to get a little creative when you do not have access to land transportation. 

5.      I miss a regular bed with a regular mattress. My back has been bothering me...only when I sleep, and climbing in and out of the V berth, as well as sleeping on the V berth cushions have not made the situation any better. Even with the memory foam we put on top of the cushions, the surface is still very hard. I would prefer something softer. Also, with a regular bed you can walk up to it and lay down. The V berth makes it necessary to turn into a monkey man to climb in and out. I don't know about any of you but my flexibility started leaving me right after high school. The last time I touched my toes with out bending my knees Richard Nixon was president.
      Hopefully, this gives you a glimpse into what our life aboard Serenity is like. I told Shirl that we should do a post on what we don't miss...maybe soon.

The weather here is just plain bad, and may not get any better for a while. We are planning to leave in the morning and cruise to a place to anchor at Camp LeJeune. Hopefully the firing range will not be in use tomorrow afternoon.

 One last picture from Beaufort, North Carolina...a memorial to an American Hero.


  1. Hey guys... Still here in KY freezing our kabooties off. I hate leaves!! Pick em all up and next morning they're back.

    It's supposed to warm up a little later. Eat a crab for me.


    1. BZ,
      Cold here too. I will eat a crab for you! Tell Glo hello!

  2. Great post! It's good to hear your perspective as new cruisers ... since we're not even "new" yet. =)

    I imagine leaving our family behind will also be very hard. But, I'm sure I can think of many things ya'll don't miss ... LOL!

    1. Mid-Life,
      Having a great time in crazy weather. Missing family is the hardest part. They need to come and visit! We will be south soon.

  3. Dad, I have thought long and hard about this and I'm going to take the high road here and let you live with Jus. I think that is only fair. He has always been your favorite and I wouldn't want to spend my days listening to you wax on about how much you miss your baby boy. I will send him $20 a month to help out with your care (beer).

    Seriously, come home. We miss you too much.

    PS...The story about Shirley's grandaughter thinking she just dropped the gift on the porch made me tear up.


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