Monday, November 12, 2012


We arrived in Beaufort, North Carolina this afternoon. We decided to get a slip in a marina so we could get some groceries, and clean Serenity. We have been anchoring and the chain as well as the anchor bring a lot of mud on board, in spite of us trying to clean the chain as we bring it in. I would love to have a wash down pump on board. This may be a future project. After we arrived in Beaufort we cleaned Serenity, took showers, and went out for dinner. We may stay here tomorrow, relax and check out the area. It is raining now and more rain is expected tomorrow.

 Sunrise today

 Early morning fog

 Shrimp boats...I expected to see Forest Gump

 There are houseboats everywhere.

 Now this is a boat lift! Nice house too.

 Neuse River

 How close is the mast to the bridge?

 Shirl's bridge shot.

Shirl getting some sun today...the weather was great.

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