Monday, November 26, 2012

Georgia skies...

Big Georgia sky today on the ICW.
Today's sunrise...we had an early start.

We are out in the middle of nowhere, spending our fourth night in a row anchored. I still do not sleep as well anchored as I do tied to a dock. When the tide changes, the boat does a 180. The current holds it in one place so there is not a lot of swinging. The 180 is when I worry the anchor may not hold. So far it has done fantastic.
Hours passed by today without us seeing another boat. The water at low tide today was very shallow, five feet in some places. Serenity's draft is four and one half feet. I mentioned before that the Corps of Engineers has had a funding cut for dredging. The ICW in Georgia is getting more shallow all the time. At one point today I was in a narrow shallow area with no other boats around and a cruise ship came around the bend toward us. My thought was WTH? It is a smaller cruise ship than the ocean going kind, but very difficult to pass on this shallow water. I called the captain on the radio and he told me he would go very slow while I passed very close on his port side. We did just that and did not hit bottom...we were barely out of the channel. Thanks captain. the ship was the Independence, one of the American Cruise Line vessels. Naturally our boatographer got a few pictures. We hope to make it to Florida tomorrow...if not we will the next day.

A special hello to all our Lake Cumberland friends!
Passing a cruise ship in shallow water in a narrow channel.
Close pass...they could have handed us a drink!
High and dry channel marker at low tide.
Sunset where we are anchored in Walley's Leg, off of the Mackay River.
One Love was anchored in front of us this morning and sent us this picture of Serenity resting at anchor.


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