Monday, November 19, 2012

Rock Pile is done!

 This morning we cruised through the Rock Pile. The only excitement was when we met a barge that was towing some very long dredging pipes. The rest of the Rock Pile was a great ride but uneventful. The weather today was not good but we decided early this morning to move south. The wind was blowing 15 to 20 knots and gusting to 25. We motor sailed most of the day. We were going to anchor in the lee of Butler Island tonight but the current in the Waccamaw River was so swift because of a flood tide that we opted to continue on to Georgetown. I purchased fuel at the marina and they said we could spend the night on their fuel dock. I will sleep much better tied to this dock than I would anchored in the current, with the wind still blowing 20 knots. The weather has been awful the last month, with the exception of a few days. Tonight Shirl and I walked into Georgetown for supplies. We are meeting more cruisers as we travel further south. After walking we stopped at the bar/restaurant at the marina and met a couple who are 79 (her) and 80 (him). They are making their way to Florida on a cruiser, and seem to be having a ball...nice people...still living life! You have to love that! They had some funny stories to tell. While we were sharing our experiences...evidently we were both on Cape Fear River the same day, a gentleman at the bar said that he was getting sea sickness from listening to us. Then his cell phone rang...the ring tone was a duck quacking, and he said it was his ex wife calling., so he did not answer. We had some great laughs tonight.
 The Rock Pile...lined with limestone
 Rock Pile
 Barge we passed in the Rock Pile
 Pipes for dredging being towed...made it difficult to pass .
 Hey Rick...I saw a name for your next boat! (left click)
 motor sailing down the ICW
A dressed statue that greets boaters...on the ICW
 Nice house!
 So many beautiful homes...this one with a waterfall which I assume flows into a pool.

 bridge rules
 Serenity cruising through a swing compliments of the crew of One Love
Shirl's daily bridge shot...One Love going through another swing bridge.


  1. Ted not sure what Rick your talking to but if it's Fishin Rick,people keep changing the name
    of my boat and I'm not allowed to name anything anymore. Carol's Friend

  2. The irony! The ex isn't the quack, the ringtone picker is!


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