Friday, November 30, 2012

St. Augustine....America's oldest city

I am sitting in a WiFi cafe in the shadow of this palm tree. It is beautiful and in the 70s today. The sun is so bright that it is hard to see the computer screen. Serenity is on a mooring ball at the city marina. It costs $20 a day! We have access to the showers, restrooms, and laundry for that fee. To go any where we launch the dink, ride about 1/2 mile, and tie her to the dingy dock which the marina provides as part of the fee. We can then walk to the historic district, or to restaurants, shops, and pretty much what ever. This is a beautiful city, and would be a great place to spend a vacation. In many ways it reminds me of Annapolis, as it seems to be more on what I refer to as a human scale...small, and not so urban, not so high tech... if that makes sense. It is such an old city, and much of the design predates the automobile, which is another reason for the smaller scale.
Shirl and I decided we are going to stay for a few $20 a day to secure the boat, why not enjoy the beautiful weather in a beautiful city. One of the questions I am asked a lot is about the cost of a trip like this. I am working on a blog post about that I hope will give you a general idea.
 St. Augustine...
 Serenity in the mooring field...there are a lot of boats there.
 Bird at the marina waiting for bait fish.
 Boat storage...Florida style
 Mom you were right...this pirate ship followed our dink all the way in to the marina!
 St. Augustine
 Wally had to love that movie

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