Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Little E!

Today is my grandaughter's birthday. Ella is now five years old. She is such a beautiful girl...just like her momma. Happy Birthday Little E!

One of my favorite pictures...4 years ago. E and Pop Pop at the beach.

When I started the Blame Buffett Blog my intention was to document our journey, explain from our perspective why we were cruising, and to keep family and friends updated. Since we started the blog just months ago it has had 20,000 page views. Now I know that is not a lot in the professional bloggers world, but it is enough to let me know that there are many people who are interested in an adventure like this. Some of those people will do something like this someday and are looking to see how we made it happen. Others just like to see what a journey like this involves, where our travels take us, and the impact that cruising will have on our lives. I read a few blogs before we started our trip. They were mostly sailing blogs. The one theme that the blogs I read had in common was the satisfaction that the cruisers realized by adapting to a life that is simpler, less stressful, and very self sufficient. For the most part the blogs gave good advice that we have found very helpful. I hope this blog helps some who may take this journey.
The days fly by, and each day you take care of yourselves and you take care of your boat. There are also those days when the boat takes care of you. I think deep down most people would love to cruise or do something similar. For us the desire was there... mine to sail and travel by boat, and Shirl wanting an adventure. We wake up everyday looking forward to the journey, excited about where we will stop, and so happy to be making our way south.
We get a lot of questions about cruising, and I think some of the answers to those questions would make great blog posts. Over the next few weeks I will try to answer some of those questions.
Tonight I took our Dink over and picked up our neighbors. We had wine, beer, cheese, and Shirl made a good crab dip. Cruisers call this get together a sun downer. We have met some really nice people on this cruise.
One thing I must admit is that we have not met anyone with less sailing experience than we have. It is not so bad being the newbies. After all we are getting more experience everyday.

After stopping for fuel late in the afternoon, we just stayed on the fuel dock all night. With the current running at least three knots, we were  happy to be tied to the dock.
 The water is 56 degrees...so there are two reasons not to swim.
The sign says free haircuts. Even though I need one I decided to pass. You can tell you are on a dock here!
 Nice smooth water today on the ICW...and sunshine in the afternoon. We have not seen that for a while.
 They are serious about deer stands here.

 ICW...red to starboard going south
Anchored in Graham Creek...4 to 5 feet of tide with current each way. We are getting more comfortable with anchoring...I think.

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  1. The birthday girl and her momma love you! A sundowner sounds right up my alley...but I must admit, after the sundowner was over, I'd prefer to head back to mi casa (on land.)


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