Friday, November 16, 2012

More ICW

We left the anchorage this a.m. at 7:05. It was cold and we did pass through a shower this morning. Today was just a nice ride. The only excitement was a traffic jam at a bridge. This is the first traffic jam we have seen in a while. The bridge only opens on the hour, so there were many boats waiting with a two knot current pulling all the boats toward the bridge. Sail boats are a little hard to control in close quarters, and you have to remain in the narrow channel or you will run a ground. I was fortunate to be in the back of the group and when I saw boats going all directions I turned the boat around and pointed into the current, and used enough throttle to maintain my position. You can not get too close to a bridge when the current is that strong. We motor sailed today and made good progress south. If all goes well tomorrow we could be very close or even in South Carolina. Tonight we are at Carolina Beach State Marina. They have brand new slips, electric, water, rest rooms and showers, fuel, and pump out services...and dockage is $30 a night. (any size boat) Also, the marina is located right on the ICW. I am very surprised more people are not here. The marina is practically empty. Another couple on the boat One Love are spending the night here as well. For anyone making this trip, this is a nice place and it is inexpensive. The marina is located on the left at the end of Snow's Cut.
Our ancohorage last night had helicoptors flying around all night, and 25 mph winds. There were a total of twelve boats anchored around us. Our Bruce anchor held well. I woke up several times to check it. Once the winds let up I slept well. Tonight we can sleep well, tied to a dock.

 Sunrise this morning.
 Shirl's daily bridge shot...another swing bridge.
 Little pink houses for you and me...
 A lot of the channel markers have big nests on gives the birds a house number so they know they are in the right place. 
 Traffic jam in a current...not good.

 Something you do not want to see...a sailboat hard aground.
 Serenity...I love the reflection
Sunset at the marina.


  1. Ted & Shirl,

    We had a cruiser @ Lee's Ford a number of years ago and really enjoyed our time there. We plan on doing the Great Loop in retirement and have really enjoyed traveling along with you through this blog. Safe travels! BTW - this has to be one of the best designed & managed blogs I have seen.

    1. Mike,
      Thank you and we appreciate you following the blog. I think most of the cruisers doing the loop go north on the ICW. That will be a great trip! Watch the weather on Lake Erie!


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