Friday, October 19, 2012

When is the last time you did something for the first time?

Those of you that check our position probably noticed that we did not go very far today. The marina we were in last night had a fantastic view, but had wakes that were literally tearing the docks apart. That meant very little sleep because Serenity was rolling and banging the fenders constantly. I tied Serenity suspended between two fingers with no improvement in the motion, but less chance of damage. It was very rough from 5:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. I told Shirl that as soon as it calmed down enough to move to a new place we would. I wanted to wait until high tide as the marina is shallow as well. We pulled out of the slip just before high tide, in rough conditions as the rain let up a little. The water was very rough and as soon as we entered the river the wind gusted to 30 knots, and it poured rain. I mean a wall of rain. As we pulled out a man came out of his condo and waved us back in, signaling us to not to go out. We were actually being blown sideways. We traveled a slow five miles to Liberty Harbor Marina and pulled into a slip. We intended to spend the day in New York relaxing anyway, and as I type this we are in a nice, comfortable, calm area and it is 60 degrees. We still have a sky line view, but not as nice as before. (missing the Empire State Building)

We have been living on the boat for a month tomorrow and traveling for 27 days. Even the wilder today's storm in Hudson River traffic, I enjoyed. Yes it was tense, but exciting at the same time. I thought that Shirl would have been afraid today. It was bad. She was fine...helping me watch for other boats, staying positive, and taking pictures, even in rough conditions. Serenity handled the storm just fine...she almost seemed in her element. Maybe I have been on the boat too long, but Serenity seems to have a personality. (future blog post)?

The next part of our adventure is an offshore overnight trip from Sandy Hook to Cape May. It looks like it will take about 22-24 hours, depending on what area we depart from. The weather looks good for a Sunday departure. The forecast is for west winds, fair weather, and 2 to 4 foot seas. We will push the Spot Tracker a few times during the sail so everyone can see our progress. This will be our first overnight sail. It is never too late to try something new, to do something for the first time. Those of you reading this...think about it! What is wrong with an adventure... a first! Have you noticed that firsts happen much less as we age? Why is that? I think we sometimes get comfortable with the status know content. There is nothing wrong with being content...but at what cost? Maybe you can be content and still push the bubble...have a first that pushes you out of your comfort zone a little. You will not regret it.

When we get to Cape May we will sail up the Delaware Bay, go through the CDC Canal, and then down the Chesapeake Bay to Norfolk...the beginning of the ICW. So close to salt water...
Tomorrow- one more day in New York. I will run jack lines, dig out the tethers, and get Serenity ready to sail.

Shirl with NYC in the background.
 Times Square...always a great place to visit.
 This is the wall of rain that hit us today just as we pulled out of the slip.
 The sky line during the storm.
 Just after the arrival.
 Another bridge picture
 The sights
More sights
 One too many sights...


  1. Oh man-- that weather looked terrible. You've come a long way from your first sailing jaunt in Grand Cayman. So very happy you all are enjoying your voyage. You deserve it. Hope your sleeping peacefully now. I have a butterfly, a cowboy, and a panda upstairs who are gearing up for the neighborhood Halloween party tomorrow. You all came last year and we will miss you lots tomorrow. Love you.

  2. Cape May to Cape Henry; my stomping grounds!

    Maybe there's something useful in my blog; lots of trip reports. Many trips around the Delmarva, so your course is covered.

    And do visit downtown Cape MA; there's a side you can't see from the marina district.

  3. Sara,
    Tell the kids to have a great time. I hope E is the butterfly. Love you too.

  4. Amanda,
    Thanks, Tell everyone hello. I bet Parker is getting big.

  5. Drew,
    I will check out your blog. Thanks!

  6. Hi Ted,
    Mike went to school with the naked cowboy--glad to see he is still at it- whatever that is!!! Safe travels-we are enjoying your blog.


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