Saturday, October 6, 2012

Our window on the world view...

I was thinking yesterday that I have had people tell me that they would hate to travel this slow. This is exactly the speed I want to travel. No pressure...with time to enjoy the view of the changing landscape, to slow down and smell the coffee if you will. I am as far from bored as you can get. There is something new around every corner and we are traveling at a speed where we can see and enjoy it all. 

This was our view for most of the day. You can left click the pictures to see them better.

 We did pass a dredging operation in process. 

 We went past this place yesterday...does this look like The Bates Hotel to anyone else?

 Everywhere I go I see houseboats.

 Artwork on the wall on an underpass.

 The Erie Canal used to run through Syracuse. This is what is left of the old lock.

 The Rock Cut is a four mile section of the canal that required the most extensive excavation. Cliffs on each side enclose the water. Remember the old cowboy movies...great place for an ambush. 

 A beautiful day to be cruising the canal at 7 m.p.h. It is amazing the number of bridges you pass under. This is a great picture...Left click one time to see it better.

 Check out this Erie Canal houseboat. The pontoons look a little short.

Serenity on the wall for Friday night  in Pittsford, New York.


  1. Just letting you guys know that we are really enjoying the trip and all the pictures and commentary! Seven mph and constantly changing scenery sounds good to us!

    Rodger and Eilene

  2. Great blog so far. I really enjoy the daily posts.



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