Monday, October 29, 2012

Riding the storm out...

We are sitting here in the hotel room hoping that Serenity rides this one out. She is a stout boat, and should do well if the dock does well and other boats do not break loose. The wind is really picking up and power outages are becoming frequent. We are watching the news and it appears that Sandy is hitting the coast near Cape May. I hope all the people there are prepared. We expect to loose power at some point. I will update the blog when we go back to the marina tomorrow morning. We are fine and will stay safe. A special thank you to the gentleman who has a boat near where Serenity is docked, who yesterday told me we could stay at his house if things got bad, and called today to check on us and repeated his invitation. We have met some very nice people on this cruise. Talk to you tomorrow...


  1. Hope all is well. love you. sleep tight.

    1. Thanks Amanda...happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you!

  2. Hoping that tomorrow finds you and Serenity doing fine! Maybe you will at least have good weather on the back side of the storm after it moves on.

  3. Glad you are you both!

  4. Glad to hear you are somewhere safe and sound! Keep us posted :O)

  5. I have been praying for you all and are so happy you are in a hotel. Stay safe and happy sailing when you can again!

    Betty and Len Conner

  6. Glad ya'll are safe in hoping that you find Serenity as you left her!

  7. All,
    We are back on Serenity and she is fine. Thanks for the comments and concern. We just walked to downtown Annapolis. There is not a lot of damage but some flooding.We are now waiting on high tide, but we should be fine where we are. Annapolis is a beautiful city.
    Ted and Shirl

  8. So glad all is well.


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