Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Our window on the world...Annapolis

We are back aboard Serenity. She appears fine with no visible damage. Serenity is a tough old boat. In hindsight we could have stayed on the boat, but the storm was too unpredictable. There is very little damage that I see at the dock.. As far as wind goes, Annapolis may have caught a break. While at the hotel last night we were watching live coverage of the storm, and one of the locations the reporters were using for live coverage was right in front of the dock we are at. I got a look at Serenity three times during the storm. Each time I told Shirl...Serenity looks fine. according to the reporter, at one point the wind was gusting to 65 m.p.h.

Once we checked out Serenity we decided to go for a walk. We crossed the bridge and headed for downtown Annapolis. Annapolis is such a beautiful city. When you walk up and down the streets, it is obvious the the city was planned and created before the invention of the automobile. Annapolis is built and designed to human scale. Buildings are small, streets are narrow, and sidewalks are the size that encourage walking. There is a very efficient use of space in Annapolis. Maybe that is why it feels so comfortable, so inviting, and so friendly. Shirl and I walked the downtown area again today. Many of the small businesses along the streets are open, the ones in the flood area are sandbagged and closed. There is the possibility of more flooding late this afternoon at high tide.
What a contrast after visiting New York City last week!
Annapolis is the state capitol of Maryland, and the home of The United States Naval Academy.

 Downtown Annapolis flood waters.
 Kunta Kinte - Alex Haley Memorial in high water.
 Kids were playing in the water on the streets.
 More downtown.
Curving, narrow streets, with sand bags
 This reminds me of pictures I have seen of old European cities...narrow streets with small houses in close proximity, with the large church steeple overlooking the street, as a reminder to residents.

 More Annapolis houses.
 Human scale.
 The flooding is lifting this boat up and away from the dock. This is the city dock which is downtown.
 You can see the bay as well as many boats from the city.
Anyone want to guess what this building was in the past?


  1. Guess you may have lost power cause you didn't finish your blog. We have no doubts that you two are OK, but it looks bad for boats on TV. Very windy even here in KY. I have been following the net for information on the Bounty that sank yesterday in open seas. I have pictures from San Juan when we were there on the cruise last year. Don't know if it's the same ship. Let us know if you guys are OK or need anything on this end.


  2. So glad to hear that Serenity made it through the storm without damage! How lucky ya'll were to get to see Serenity on the news.

    Better to be safe than sorry as far as staying on the boat.

    Annapolis looks like such a neat town ... a sailor's town!

  3. Brad,
    That is the same ship that we saw in San Juan. It is sad and very unfortunate. All is fine here.

    1. Ahhh man....real bad. I'm real sorry for all the crew. I'll try to post some of the pics I have.

      So glad to hear you both and Sty are safe. It will all be a story to tell the grandkids. Or it might make for a good book.

      One of the newscasters said last night that they had no business out there in rough weather, but a sailor on the blog said," a ship is safer at sea than it is in port". That makes sense. Especially if I'm coming in next to them!!!

      So what are the plans now that Sandy has passed? How long before you reach the warmer climate? By the way, I'm watching snow flakes here in KY in Oct. before Halloween!I have wind damage to trees and outdoor decor.

      PS. small cornhole tournament in front of Doc Holiday. Roger and Tom the champs. It's cold.....


  4. Mid-Life Cruising,
    A sailors town indeed!

  5. Glad to know you all are safe along with your boat!! Here's to surviving a hurricane :)
    Amy & Roger Cope (Assault Weapon)

  6. Glad ya'all made it through the storm! Daryl & Linda Siders

    1. Daryl and Linda,
      Thanks, and thanks for following the blog.

  7. Glad to hear you all are safe as well as serenity :O)

  8. No clue what that building was - but its got an interesting look now.......Glad you are are good and well btw

    1. Amanda,
      You are too young to know what the building used to be. Thanks, we head south tomorrow.

  9. So happy you guys escaped the worst of the storm but very happy you took the precautions that you did. Love, love, love Annapolis, I would have never thought it would have looked like it does so thanks for sharing & setting me straight. lol Is the building an old movie theater?

    1. Kris,
      Thanks, and you are exactly right. I had a "neighborhood movie theater" in my neighborhood growing up. Most are probably out of business by now.

  10. Ted, looks like a theatre to me. Glad you, Shirl, and Serenity are ok.
    Love, Babe


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