Sunday, October 28, 2012


Serenity is as secure as we can get her. I decided to leave the dink on the davits, but tied it in every direction. I wire tied as well as line tied the solar panels. The main sail cover is wrapped with our jack line and rope. The stay sail and the genoa have sail ties and are wrapped with the extra halyards from the top of the mast. The canvas is removed and stored inside. The grill has been removed as well. All the dock lines are doubled, and extra spring lines were added. We did complain to one of the people who work at this marina that the boat next to us was not tied well and if it broke loose it could damage Serenity and other boats. He tied it with a furling line that was laying on the dock...we will see. I did put a bumper on that side, and will keep an eye on it. The owner actually has the spring line tied to a plastic pulley...not sure what he was thinking.
They are still predicting a New Jersey landfall for Sandy. Monday a.m. until late Tuesday appears to be the period of the highest winds for us. They are predicting 50 mph winds, and flooding as well. The flooding is not an issue since we are on a boat tied to a floating dock, and as I posted we have tied down everything, so hopefully the winds will not damage anything.

 Serenity tied and secure. As you can see there is a drawbridge and a dock behind us offering some protection.
 Securing the dink and the solar panels
Serenity from the stern. it will take hours to untie everything.
Hey we are in Annapolis...we had to hit a happy hour and try the crab. We may go back today...the price is right!
We should be available by cell unless there is an interruption in service. If you can not reach one of our phones call the other...we may turn one off to keep it charged. Grady is leaving for Colorado tomorrow, if his flight is not canceled,  so we plan to meet for happy hour at the crab place this afternoon. Then it is stay put, books, movies, and relax.
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I will try to update as long as we have WiFi and electric.


  1. Sounds like you guys are as ready as you can be for the storm. Jerry's been trying to get a hold of Shirley (from my phone) he forgot his at my aunts and we probably wont go pick it up till next weekend so she can call the land line or my phone :) have a safe day

  2. Stay safe. Hoping Sandy loses steam! Love you.

  3. OK, I guess I shouldn't spread this story of doom and gloom. They are saying the storm will be the worst in a century....maybe ever. We are all following it closely. They are beefing up security along the East coast. The damage will be horrific, "I'm talking about the US election"! Sandy is manageable. So stay safe my friends.


  4. Sara,
    Seems to be gaining steam...will be safe. Love you

  5. Brad,
    It does not look good. We are in the path but south of the eye of the storm.


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