Monday, October 1, 2012

We didn't know we couldn't we did!

We said goodbye to Lake Erie today as we sailed in to Buffalo Harbor.Lake Erie said goodbye to us with some 15 knot winds and large rollers on our beam. Since we are newbies we feel good about our trip across Lake it our shakedown cruise. It is good to be closer to heading south. After entering Buffalo Harbor we motored to the Black Rock Canal. We followed the canal which runs along the Niagara River. The canal is well marked and you have to pass under a lift bridge, a twist bridge, and go through a lock. Immediately after the lock we entered Rich Marine, through a literal hole in the wall. I will try to get a picture tomorrow. We pulled into a small slip in a narrow channel, which made Shirl a bit nervous. I started removing the running rigging, and we dropped the stay sail and the genoa. Tomorrow we will remove the boom and build cradles for the mast, so we can carry it on deck through the canal. Lots of work tomorrow...

Our window on our world shots...
 Our view entering Buffalo Harbor from Lake Erie.

 Inside the harbor near the Buffalo River.

 Serenity motoring under the lift bridge. You have to signal the bridge operator...he has no radio. One long blast, two short blasts.
Great view of the lift bridge. It is hard to judge the mast. I guess I will get used to it.

Entering the lock on the Black Rock Canal. The lock operator said since we were the only ones in the lock that we could hang out in the middle while the lock dropped us five feet. No turbulence at all. One down...36 more to go on the Erie Canal.

This is a twist railroad bridge. It actually turns in the middle to open. One long horn blast.

 Serenity in our narrow slip. 

I am happy to report that the auto pilot is working well. We had metal objects near the compass, which made it veer off course. Thanks again Eric. This time I think it was the metal jackets on the flares, or the metal hangers, or the portable sweeper Shirl had on the shelf. All were removed and it functioned well.
Good night!


  1. Crazy how one thing can interfere with another. The compass isn't electronic or anything I take it. Take care today and happy sailing.

  2. Glad to see ya'll are having a great time!

  3. Terry would be so jealous! He wants to learn to sail! I would love to do what you and your wife are doing! Congrats to you that you are willing and able!

  4. Thanks for keeping us updated - LOVE the pics! I also have a sigh of relief every time I get the update via email as to your location. Thank you! Looking forward to what's next as I live vicariously through you. :)

  5. Amnada,
    It is affected by a magnetic field. the auto pilot working means I do not have to drive every minute.
    Mid-Life Cruising,
    We are having a great time. You will love this when you get to start cruising.
    Sailing is a lot of work but a good time for sure.
    Don't worry bout a thing cause every little thing is going to be alright. Thanks for everything.

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