Monday, October 8, 2012

More Erie Canal!

We woke up to 37 degree temperatures, but sunshine which made it seem warmer. Below is where we spent the night in Baldwinsville. As you can see, we were on a nice dock in a beautiful setting. 
This journey is officially two weeks old today! We have enjoyed the last two weeks tremendously.
I posted about us being in Lyons, New York a couple of days ago. The gentleman we talked to, (Bob) did a feature on us. If you are interested the link is below.

Shirl giving Bob some cookies.
Thanks for the article about us, and for treating us so nicely in Lyons. 

 Serenity on the wall in Baldwinsville.

 The Seneca River

Shirl took this picture this morning. 

 Water like glass around noon.

 Leaving Lock 23...this one took us up to the level of Lake Oneida

 Entering Lake Oneida...we decided to go for it today. It was a little choppy with a few boat wakes, and some significant wind. It is about 23 miles across the lake. With the waves I was a little concerned about the mast across the boat. After a large cruiser passed close and the mast did not move I relaxed a little.

 Lake Oneida behind us...

 The lighthouse at the end of Lake Oneida about 6:15 this evening.

Serenity on the wall at Sylvan Beach.


  1. Glad you made across the lake with no problems. We enjoyed the very nice article that Bob published about you two.
    Rodger, Eilene

  2. I so envy you guys. What an adventure! Beautiful pictures, thanks for taking us along!

  3. love the pictures


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