Saturday, October 27, 2012

"He that will not sail till all dangers are over must never put to sea." -Thomas Fuller

This quote really reflects my thoughts about our sail south as well as the fact that Sandy may pay a visit. There is inherent risk in most all of life's activities. Some choose to stay in a place to avoid as much risk as possible, others take on the risk. It is just human nature. For Shirl and I this cruise is about risk management. We always do what ever we can to ensure our safety, and that of Serenity. We accept the fact that an adventure like this poses some risk, like getting caught in a storm, and continue to plan to manage that risk. Does that mean we will always be successful at risk management? I don't think you can ever prepare for everything, but you can prepare for a lot.You can only do your best, which is what we are doing now. Are we If that were the case we would have never started this cruise. We have every confidence that next week we will be headed to Norfolk.
I checked the forecast first thing this a.m., and appears the storm will hit the coast somewhere north of the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay. The Annapolis marina we are in is seems very protected, but we will most likely get a lot of wind as well as rain. We are on floating docks that should allow for a significant storm surge. Although uncomfortable, because of high winds and rain, we should be fine. We will be removing all the canvas from Serenity today, and securing all sails with lines. All available fenders will be used to protect the boat in the event of high winds and or waves. We will also tie double lines to secure the boat to the dock where possible. The solar panels and dink will be secured as well. It is very difficult to predict what will happen when Sandy combines with the other systems, but hopefully Frankenstorm will not occur.
In case of an electrical outage, we have battery back up, as well as a Honda 1000 generator. (thanks Rodger). Serenity is also equipped with a diesel heater, which warms the boat nicely. Our water and fuel tanks are full, and our holding tank is empty. The engine can also be run to charge the batteries. We plan to get groceries today. Should we be without power for a few days we will be fine. We are not connected to power every time we sail.
Although we are obviously anxious to get south, this trip has always been about the journey...not just the destination. The fact that our trip is delayed is of little importance to us...this storm has the ability to impact so many people's lives in such negative ways.
Just rechecked the weather and Sandy is again a hurricane. Got to get to work...more later. We will keep you posted. On a good note, I have been asking Shirl to do a blog post for a month. She has finally agreed. We may have a woman's perspective soon.

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