Monday, October 15, 2012

Serenity is almost a sailboat again...

 Leaving the Federal Lock in Troy yesterday morning.
This lighthouse is in the middle of the Hudson River

This is our current location.
Serenity with her mast and rigging in the cradles.

Today was a work day. Early this morning I began taking down all of the ties on the mast preparing Serenity so that the mast could be stepped. Hop-O-Nose marina uses a hand operated crane and they are very good with masts. Their job was done quickly, with the help of Pete, who is on another sailboat here. Then Shirl and I had to hook up, tighten, and tune the standing rigging, as well as install the running rigging. The boom was lifted and secured to the mast, with the help of a halyard, and the main sail attached to the mast. It rained all afternoon so we will have to put the genoa and staysail on in the morning. Depending on how early we get those jobs done, we may leave tomorrow or wait until the next morning. I can not upload any more pictures here...the WiFi is very slow.

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  1. Love the light "house". Never saw one with an actual house at it :)


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