Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Got me a mule, her name is Sal...15 miles on the Erie Canal

We are moving again. The mast came down today, and Serenity is now a motor boat. Building the mast cradles and undoing the running rigging as well as the standing rigging took longer than I thought. We had the mast pulled at Rich Brothers Marine. These people did a great job and very very user friendly. The schedule really depended on us...I was told just let us know when I was ready. After Shirl and I got the mast secured on the deck, we motored to Tonawanda which is the beginning of the Erie Canal. We were doing 8.5 knots when we left Rich marine going toward the canal. The current in the Niagara River gave us a little extra speed. We did make the turn to go behind Tonawanda Island to the canal, instead of visiting Niagara Falls by boat. Tomorrow we begin our cruise on the Erie Canal. We have a longer boat now with the mast hanging over both ends.Tonight we are docked at Tonawandas Gateway Harbor, a free mooring on the wall in the city. They provide electric, water, and a pumpout if needed. We had a great dinner and are currently having an adult beverage. We are really looking forward to cruising the canal tomorrow. 

 This is how it works when you need something and you do not have transportation. Three mile round trip to get wood to build mast cradles. Some days I miss my truck.

 No that is not me! They asked me if I wanted to go up to disconnect the wind instruments. I told them maybe next time.

 That is me under the mast guiding it to the cradle. I may have been safer in the air.

 Serenity is now a motorboat. Look at all that stuff everywhere. We had to keep the sides clear so we can move freely in the locks.

On the way to the canal. Is this a great house or what? I have a friend, Fishin Rick who would love this house.

 Build mast cradles, take down rigging, unstep masts, pump your own fuel, all part of the day lately. I am loving it!

 Houseboats everywhere I go. This boat is parked right across from us in Tonawanda. I believe it is a Stardust Cruiser.

 This is where we are today!

I am not sure why but these things fascinate me. This is the picture of the bridge we are docked by. This picture was taken in 1918. We are docked about where the barge is in the picture. 

Here is the bridge today...taken from Serenity. The same great big chunk of concrete counterbalance. cool is that? Beauty in simplicity!

Sunset over Tonawanda. Shirl and I are going to bed and get up tomorrow to another adventure. Life is good.


  1. The "Then and now" picture of the bridge between 1918 and now is something that I would find interesting too. A way to connect with the past and seeing how things change over time.
    Looks like a very peaceful area.

  2. great pics. 30,s this weekend. Time to put up the enclosures. I won't be beaching again this year.

  3. I'm GLAD it was not you up there! I'm surprised it isn't Shirley - just to prove she could do it!!!


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