Monday, October 22, 2012

Serenity gets salted...

We did it. Our first overnight sail went well. We sailed for 24 hours, from New York Harbor to Cape May, New Jersey. The weather was great, and sailing all day was fantastic, with 10 to 15 knot winds, with gusts to 20 knots. When it started to get dark we took down the main sail and only used the Genoa. About 2 hours later I was happy we did. The wind picked up to 18 to 22 mph with gusts to 25 mph. We were sailing at 8 mph with just our head sail. We actually slowed down so we would not arrive at Cape May before daylight. My main reason for dousing the main sail was because it was our first overnight sail and one sail is easier to handle. Serenity sails very well with just the head sail.
Shirl is not feeling well. She has a sinus infection, and because of the wind, the waves were building through the night, so I stayed at the helm for the whole 24 hours. I have to start trusting the auto pilot! I will do a post on sailing at night, but tonight I am tired, completely worn out and loving it! I am bruised and sore...this sailing is not easy! Here are some pictures!

 Serenity sailing out of New York Harbor...lots of huge ships!

 See what I mean.

 Why do have the freedom to do what we live our dreams? One beautiful statue. We sailed right past Lady Liberty...a whole new perspective.

 As we promised...our home marina where we spend so much time with family and friends. Serenity flies the Lee's Ford flag in New York Harbor.

 We passed this boat at sunset.

 A ketch passed us on the way to Cape May. See Mom we are not alone...others are doing this!

This is not a good picture...but this is what Atlantic City looks like at night from four miles off the coast. I thought you would like to see it. Notice how dark it is!

We are in Cape May today at Utsch's Marina. Cape may is beautiful, with a lot of restored Victorian homes, thousands of boats, and great seafood. The city was actually the first seashore resort in America. Cape May inlet is busy with boat traffic and a place many cruisers stop when heading south.

The world has an unbelievable amount of beauty...if you slow down enough to give yourself time to see. This was our sunset last night as we sailed south along the coast of New Jersey. Many people ask me why I am doing this sailing adventure. Just look at this picture...and we have no clue what we will see tomorrow.


  1. Well my dears, thank you so much for the beautiful pictures, and for showing me that you are not alone. Like that is going to keep me from being worried. But reading the blog and knowing every night that you are ok lets me go to bed more relaxed after I read it. I love you both. Mom and Ken

  2. Thanks Mom...on our way up Delaware Bay now.

  3. 24 hours at the helm! Sounds like a multi-mug coffee night. Glad to see it went well.

  4. 24 hours awake! Uugh! Serenity is more needy than a newborn! Congrats to you all....I know saltwater and sun I what you've had your eyes (and heart) set on. Love you.

  5. Congrats on your first overnight sail! We haven't had that experience yet, but hope it's as uneventful as yours was. Great pictures!

  6. David,
    Coffee and Red Bull as well as too much wave action to fall asleep.

    Thanks, we are moving south.

    The total darkness was a little intimidating...I guess I like seeing where I am going. It was not bad until we lost the moon!


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