Monday, October 8, 2012

"Every day spent on a boat is a day well used."

I remember reading this quote but I can not remember who said it...oh well.
Shirl walked to the post office this a.m. We will be leaving a little later today. The first goal is to get fuel, and then get to Lake Oneida, hopefully in time to cross. I decided while Shirl is gone to try to get more up to date on my posts. By the way it is 37 degrees outside this morning.

We left Lyons at 7:30 a.m., yesterday morning.  The temperature was in the mid forties with some wind which made it seem colder. I warmed up the engine and then ran it to 2250 r.p.m., or about 6.5 m.p.h. We cruised about eight miles until we reached our first lock. It did not seem to get warmer yesterday, just stayed cold, overcast, and breezy. Serenity has an enclosure on the cockpit which makes it a lot more pleasant on days like this. We only use part of the enclosure because I like to see without looking through a window. A beautiful view is a great trade off for cold feet.
Cruising along yesterday morning and just relaxing and enjoying the canal, I was thinking about how this trip is about the journey, not just the destination. While it is true we want to "get south", and winter seems to be on it's way quickly, this part of the journey is great and very much appreciated. Last night we were at  Baldwinsville, New York on the Seneca River part of the Erie Canal. There is a city wall with electric and water, and the cost is $5.00 to stay the night. As I have posted before, the locks and lift bridges are closed at 5:00 p.m. this time of year. Total milage today...50.
I need to find a place today to get fuel. There are not many places on the canal that sell diesel fuel. 
This looks like a house that was built on some concrete footers that were originally something else.

The speed limit on this part of the canal is 30 m.p.h. We should be able to stay below that with our 35 h.p. engine. (little big man)

More of the canal.
Lock 24 up close on the west side.
Lock 24 from the east side.
The canal flows over this ledge in Baldwinsville. We decided to go through the lock.
Village of Baldwinsville.


  1. Thanks for the update. Really looks cool. This weekend was "beach" week. Not too many boats made it out there. It was cold and rainy (down in thirties). We had a medical episode and a trip by ambulance to the ER. But all turned out well. Details by private email only. Although daytime in the 50's, it was pleasant on the dock.

  2. I hope all is well with everyone...


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