Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It is almost fifty years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the bands to play...

Today we cruised the Erie Canal and listened to the Beatles. It is sad but I think people my age almost take their music for granted. I enjoyed listening today…it brought back so many memories…especially Hey Jude. You have a lot of time to think at 7 m.p.h. What an impact the Beatles had. Not just in music, but in life. 

We stayed at a dock last night in Utica. The cost was one dollar a foot…$35. This morning was cold and rainy, so we slept late and took our time getting ready to leave. Our goal today was to stop somewhere that had showers. The dock in Utica did not. We do have a shower in the boat, but need to get a shower curtain. We transited Locks 19, 18, 17, and 16 today. We have had so much practice in the locks that they are becoming routine. Lock 17 was the most interesting, as it has the largest drop in the canal, a total of 40.5 feet. It is like sinking into a cave. The sun was never out today. We enjoyed our cock pit enclosure. It keeps us warm and dry. Tonight we are in St. Johnsville at their municipal marina.  Thankfully they have nice shower facilities here, as well as a washer and dryer.  We have about seventy miles left in the canal. Tomorrow we will probably stop in Amsterdam, and then go on to Waterford on Friday. We still have 14 locks to transit with a total drop of 302 more feet. We have already gone through 21 locks that brought us from 565 feet above sea level to 302 feet which we are presently at.

Left click once to enlarge any pictures.
 Even though it was raining and cloudy all day we still managed to get some nice pictures.

 Another canal shot

 Entering Lock 16

 We passed two dredging operations today.

 Little Falls, New York

 Cool with a little fog this a.m.

 Nice reflection of the bridge in the water. I had to take a second look before going under.

 St. Johnsville Municipal Marina


Navigation on the Erie canal is really a no brainer. Just follow the navigation markers...I did not use a chart but had a mile by mile guide book and a map. My chart plotter was useless except as a depth gauge, and speedometer. You do have to be very careful to stay in the channel, and you have to be able to relax, slow down, and enjoy.

 Green to starboard

Red to port


  1. Nice pics guys. We always enjoy your posts.
    Rodger and Eilene

  2. Wow, that's a lot of locks!

    Music in general is a huge part of our lives. We really enjoy it, except country! The Beatles had some great songs, and we especially like John Lennon's stuff.

  3. Hello-
    I've been reading for awhile but have never commented. Your writing is decent but this post just threw me over the edge. That gesture that Cheryl is making is degrading to little people all over the world. I just wanted to let you know. Also,you don't need to remind your readers to left click.
    Don't let me bother you. I'm just a little crotchety. Sail on.

  4. I'm hoping the above was a joke ???

    Love you guys - and love following along! Thanks for recounting your journey -- keep going!

  5. Yeah Dad! Cheryl is so insensitive! Ha!
    I remember riding in the front seat (prob should have been in the back in a carseat, but hey, you didn't know any better!) of your brown metallic Firebird with the sunroof open singing Hey Jude at the top of our lungs. Good times.Love you.

  6. Anonymous,
    There is nothing that I post on this blog that is meant to offend. The mariner in the picture with Shirley is part of a scene. There is also a lighthouse we liked in the same location. The mariner also has a below the knee prosthesis...again it is just a picture. If it offended you, you have our was certainly not our intention.

  7. Mid-Life,
    I'm more of a McCartney fan but listen to Lennon's music as well, and we can't forget Harrison. We did five more locks today...10 to go.

  8. Justin,
    Thanks for following. Call when you can. Be you.

  9. Rodger and Eilene,
    Take guys rock!

  10. Sara,
    I remember that. You were six or seven years old at the time...front seat was o.k. You also knew most of the words! Love you!


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